About Us

AriAmi Resort Wear is your destination for luxury resort wear, all year round. Designed for sun-loving beauties who love to travel the globe, AriAmi exudes a wanderlust lifestyle with feminine bohemian glamour. 

AriAmi Resort Wear was founded in 2014 by Manisha Baharani, a New Yorker who moved to the Caribbean Island of St Maarten, where resort wear is a wardrobe staple. When Manisha wore her designs in the islands, women constantly stopped her to ask where they could buy what she was wearing! Inspired by these gorgeous women, by the beauty of her magical surroundings along the Caribbean Sea, by music, by travel to exquisite spots around the world and by her two beautiful sons, Ari and Amir, AriAmi Resort Wear was created. Frequent trips between St. Martin, St. Barths and Anguilla, and around the Globe, have inspired her to create a place where every woman can find a unique piece to reflect her own personal style and attitude.

Manisha follows summer around the Globe, immersing herself in different cultures that inspire her resort wear designs. Lounging at Nikki Beach St Barths, on the beaches of Anguilla, hitting a pool party in Ibiza, or strolling beach to beach on St-Tropez's coastal path, AriAmi resort wear offers everything for your wanderlust lifestyle.

AriAmi is featuring a beach inspired line composed of sensuous silhouettes and beautiful waterless prints, showcasing tunics, shorts, jumpsuits, dresses and skirts. AriAmi Resort Wear has collaborated with designer, R Dalamal, to create a truly unique and glamorous line, blending both eastern and western style. Based in St Maarten and created by our artisans in India, our use of nature inspired embellishments highlight both fabric and drape in each piece.

AriAmi Resort Wear's Commitment to the Environment

AriAmi Resortwear is thoughtful about our environment. The brand is committed to sourcing the best quality organic materials and using waterless printing, which eliminates water waste and the emissions of hazardous VOC's. Manisha and her older son, Ari, are PADI certified scuba divers and PADI Ambassadors. They are part of the PADI Torchbearer Community, taking action to protect our oceans. It is a community that cares deeply about healing the planet above and below the surface, and about bringing about meaningful change by turning passion into purpose for the ocean. The mission is to restore balance between humanity and nature.